Chrono Trigger

Fireworks crackle in the air. An ancient and symbolic bell rings out across the land. Townsfolk bustle from every direction to congregate in one location. The year is 1000 A.D., and the kingdom of Guardia is celebrating its 1000-year anniversary. As you make your way through the Millennial Fair, amidst the colorful circus shows and games of all varieties, you accidentally run into a spirited young woman. And so begins the tale of Chrono, a courageous young man from the kingdom of Guardia, who will travel throughout time, to lands whose histories have long since been recorded, to the future filled with uncertainties.

Chrono and his friends journey to the ancient past, filled with volcanoes and dinosaurs, to find the root of the future’s troubles.

For, you see, shortly after Chrono and Marle cross paths, the two are separated when an experimental teleport machine, developed by Chrono’s inventor friend, Lucca, goes awry, and Marle vanishes, leaving only the pendant that was draped around her neck as a reminder she was there. Chrono picks up the jewel, and via the teleport device, pursues Marle, uncertain as to where he will end up. He winds up in a land very similar to where he came from, and upon conversing with the villagers discovers that he is indeed in Guardia. However, he also is informed the year is 600 A.D., and the Kingdom is at war against the evil Fiendlord’s army!

It doesn’t take long for Chrono to reunite with Marle, who turns out to be the princess of Guardia. Upon returning to the present, Chrono finds himself wanted for kidnapping the princess, and so Chrono, Marle and Lucca use the time portal to manufacture a narrow escape, but this time they land in an unfamiliar and dreary place. The trio has teleported to the year 2300 A.D., and they realize their has been, throughout all of a history, a continuing plot to end the world. Armed with the teleport device, the three friends begin their quest through time, visiting eras as far back as the dinosaur age and into the future, where everything is run by robots and technology, in order to thwart a plan hatched many, many centuries ago. Along the way, the small group meets a few allies, vanquishes evil enemies, and makes plenty of friends throughout the ages.

During the course of your journey through time, you are accompanied by one of the most unforgettable soundtracks ever recorded for a video game. The music reverberates with a sense of pure, thrilling adventure and echoes the courage of the characters who have chosen to undertake the daunting task of rewriting the past to pen a new, better future. The music transitions the narrative beautifully from climactic action, where entire lives are at stake, to peaceful, joyful moments of resolution and closure. The music stirs emotions deep down inside of you, and is just as much a part of the compelling experience as the story and characters.

Chrono Trigger portrays a story of the importance of having hope and shows the value and power of having true friends, the kinds of people who genuinely want to stand by you no matter what happens. Everyone involved in the game, from the writer, to the musician, to the animator, all weaved the little details together seamlessly to create a powerful story and a valuable lesson.


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