Super Mario Galaxy

If I had to describe Super Mario Galaxy in one word, it would be charming. From the adorable Lumas, to the colorful stardust sparkling all over the place, to the independent galaxies with their unique atmospheres, Super Mario Galaxy manages to make you feel good and happy whenever you play it.

Bowser, an evil king, has kidnapped Princess Peach, and Mariosets off on an adventure across the universe in search of power stars, which are the key to catching up with Bowser.  During his

Mario lands on the frozen exterior of the FreezeFlame Galaxy.

journey, Mario will explore galaxies consisting entirely of water, a planet with a frozen exterior but a molten core, and a world built entirely of desserts, and many more levels of creative varieties.  Each of these galaxies has six power stars hidden within it, requiring Mario to search every corner of them to locate the power stars.

Every aspect of Super Mario Galaxy is sweet and endearing.

The visuals are very crisp, vibrant and colorful. Meadows blossom with pretty flowers, luscious grass and joyful bunnies. Deserts seem desolate and sparsely populated, with the occasional cactus

Mario, in his bee costume, looks down on the Sea Slide Galaxy from one of the clouds.

sticking out of the ground.  And the stars twinkling all around Mario shine brilliantly against the deep-space dark sky.

The music is very upbeat, and suits the joyous theme of the game very well. The use of trumpets, cymbals, and other unique instruments make the soundtrack seem fresh, exciting and exhilarating.

Even the story reflects the gameplay. In an interview with Nintendo Power, Yoshiaki Koizumi, the game’s director, said the story of Rosalina and her Luma friends has a cycle of failure and success, failure and success, over and over until, in the end, Rosalina accomplishes what she set out to do.  Mario faces many obstacles and hardships throughout his odyssey, but if he perseveres, he will eventually be reunited with Princess Peach, the woman he loves.

Super Mario Galaxy is a wonderful mix of ingredients which are sweet enough for little kids to fall in love with but also refined enough for older players to enjoy just as much. It truly is a work of art that can transcend age, gender, ethnicity and even time.

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