The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The land of Skyrim is one of the most detailed, vast, and rich fantasy worlds ever imagined, on par with even Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe; the Shire, Mordor, Mount Doom, the Misty Mountains, and all. You’ll travel to a medieval town that is engulfed in the shadow of a magnificent castle, you’ll traverse a winding staircase composed of 7,000 steps up the side of a

The pristine beauty of the untouched Eldergleam Santuary is matched by few other places in all of Skyrim.

beautiful mountain as snow falls serenely and collects on the granite, and stumble across a scarred hamlet, ravished by a fire and a terrible murder. Thus is the beauty of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You could be traversing the vast wilderness towards a specific destination, but along the way an unusual structure catches your interest, and now you are changing course. You never know what marvel or quirky character you’ll happen upon next, and that makes for an endless sense of discovery and wonder.

In addition to the dizzying amount of locales spread across the massive landscape of Skyrim,the level of detail spent on the visuals is unparalleled and breathtaking. You can see each individual pine needle on a pine tree sway in the billowing winds. Snow falls from the sky and settles naturally on trees and rooftops as you pass by. The ebb and flow of a river rushes the water downstream, around rocks and fallen tree branches, ultimately forming a spectacular waterfall. You look up to the sky at nighttime and the stars seem to blanket the heavens, shining so bright and clear.  An elk, sipping water from a nearby stream, perks its ears and head up as you approach, and then bounds off in the opposite direction.

A fantastic view of the city of Whiterun, with one of the many mountain ranges standing tall behind it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim manages to bring the fantasy tale of an unlikely hero setting forth for an epic adventure in a rich land to life like never before. While the hero’s main task is to find a way to make the dragons cease their scourge of Skyrim, you’ll visit myriad locales during your journey and meet many different people, each with their own daily lives to live. You’ll grow attached to a few of them, and helping them with their own personal problems will be just as important to you as ridding the land of dragons.  Bethesda Game Studios got so many things right with this game, but their greatest achievement is crafting the extraordinary world of Skyrim and bringing it to life by refining and polishing the tiniest details, and for that, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim deserves to be called nothing less than a terrific work of art.


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