Assignment #5: Historical Figure Timeline

Kenny Martin

Info 256

Assignment 5

Here is the link to the timeline I made chronicling Rue Randall Clifford, one of the most influential people in the city of South San Francisco’s history: Rue Randall Clifford timeline


The South San Francisco Grand Avenue library history collection has lots of information on Rue Randall Clifford, including photographs, newspaper articles, essays, and even memorabilia. I chose to do my timeline on Rue Clifford because I find it remarkable that she was motivated to help shape her community in so many ways, and she also had a very strong conviction for what she believed in. Rue believed in having a strong mind and an equally strong body, so she not only taught at the South City high school for 43 years but she was also the coach of all of the women’s athletic teams, and the assistant coach for many of the men’s teams. As a result, the football field at SSF high school was named Clifford Field in her honor. Rue rode on horseback throughout the city in 1914, going from door-to-door in order to collect all 5,000+ citizens’ signatures to qualify for Andrew Carnegie’s grant to build a library. She then served on the library board for 37 years, never missing a single meeting. Rue Randall Clifford was a woman who showed tremendous initiative, whether it was getting signatures for a library or starting a school club for the students, she had a deep affection for her community, and she practiced what she preached, and I hope my timeline gives at least some sense of this. Rue Randall Clifford was a tremendous influence on the community and city of South San Francisco when she was alive, and I believe her story can inspire future generations to live with her ideals and keep her influence on the city and community alive.

The greatest difficulty I experienced while doing this assignment was figuring out how to incorporate images into the timeline. All of my images were scanned versions of analog documents, and it was confusing figuring out where to even put them. I tried Flickr, but that wanted me to sign up for a Yahoo! email account, I tried Photobucket, but it kept saying I already had an account but at the same time saying I wasn’t logged in, and I eventually couldn’t find the few photos I had uploaded to the site. I eventually settled on Pinterest, as that one at least worked as far as photo posting went. Privacy was important to me when looking for where to host my photos, and Pinterest did have an option to make it a secret board, which I did. I wasn’t sure how the library would feel about their photos going up on an outside account, which is why I wanted a private board. However, when I put the URL to each individual photo on Pinterest, I would only get a picture icon on the timeline. I tried inserting the photos directly into the Google Sheet, but that didn’t change anything.


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